Lot of 3 Gold Charms for Charm Bracelet - Figa, Greek Soldier, Greek Amphora

Lot of 3 Gold Charms for Charm Bracelet - Figa, Greek Soldier, Greek Amphora

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LOT of 3 CHARMS. To be sold individually or as a group. Taken from an old charm bracelet that obviously served as a collection of travel memories.

1. Coral Figa. (3D) - SOLD
This type of coral is endangered, and the figa itself is well carved. The figa is an ancient gesture that in Rome (and modern Brazil) was used to ward off evil. In Middle Eastern cultures, it's a mildly obscene gesture that (cleaned up) means "not a chance."
MEASUREMENTS: 1.1" tall x 0.33" wide
METAL: 14K (acid tested)

2. Greek Soldier (3D)
MEASUREMENTS: 0.91" tall x 0.5" wide
METAL: 10K (acid tested)

3. Greek Amphora with Charioteer Carving. (3D)
MEASUREMENTS: 1.33" tall x 0.38" wide
METAL: 18K (stamped)

All of the charms have jump rings attached to them, which were cut open to remove from the bracelet. They should be soldered shut by your jeweler should you decide to put them on a chain or a bracelet.

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