While some premium insurance policies update values on your insured jewelry annually, most do not. The majority of renters and homeowners insurance policies require an updated appraisal of your fine jewelry in order to extend full, current coverage to them. Due to the fluctuation in prices of gemstones and precious metals, your insured pieces should be appraised every 2-5 years so that you have an accurate valuation of their estimated retail replacement cost.

Appraisal FAQs

Every item purchased at A.J. Martin includes a written summary with photographs and price paid for your insurance company.

In addition, we engage an independent GIA Graduate Gemologist who performs:

  • Estate Valuation
  • Fair Market Valuation
  • Retail Replacement Valuation
  • Diamond Color & Clarity Grading
  • Diamond Plotting
  • Gemstone Identification and Authentication

All of A.J. Martin’s jewelry appraisals are done by a local and independent GIA Graduate Gemologist member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. He examines your piece(s) in front of you and—in most cases—requires no more than half an hour of your time.

The cost of insurance appraisals is $120 for the first item and $90 for each subsequent item. For larger stones ( 1.00 carat), for which a plot should be drawn, a fee of $25 is assessed. A plot diagram is a map of your diamond's clarity characteristics and is helpful with identification. A diagram is not necessary if the stone has an existing certificate from a reputable lab.

Estate valuation work is billed at $240 per hour with a $60 minimum. This rate is charged only for exam time but includes all research and document preparation.

Appraisals are done by appointment only. Please call or write us to ask about scheduling.