In an attempt to make the online shopping experience almost as enjoyable as shopping in person at our store, we've added the ability to virtually try-on rings, bangles and earrings! Though that's not everything, it does cover about 75% of our selection.

It's very cool and hopefully makes shopping easy and fun!

Here's how it works.

1. All eligible products have a blue "Virtual Try-on" button above the "Add to Cart" button. Click it!

2. Select whether you'd like to see the piece on a model or on yourself.

3. Alternatively, you can compare the item's size to various other objects.


You can try on rings, bangles, and earrings. Unfortunately, a limitation of the software is that it excludes other pieces (such as necklaces and brooches).

We do our best to make sure that scale is accurate. If the piece you're trying on has a width or length listed, the try-on experience will be as accurate as possible.

Please note that the female models in the stock photos wear a size 7 ring and the men a size 10.

Because each try-on experience is optimized by a live person, new pieces don't automatically receive the "Virtual Try-on" button. Most pieces, if eligible, gain the option within 3-4 days of their being listed on the website.

No! No account is necessary and no special software is required. You only need access to your phone or computer's camera and a web browser.