Jewelry Repair

Although gold does not rust and diamonds are forever, all jewelry worn regularly needs occasional maintenance. Whether it be Great-Grandmother’s engagement ring or your own, jewelry repair is an often overlooked fact of life. We understand this, and as such offer a wide variety of repair services.

Simple Repairs

Whether you have an old ring that needs re-shanking or a bracelet that’s cracked, we’ll happily handle these repairs for you.


We’re surprised how often people come in, try on a ring, and say “oh, but it doesn’t fit,” and assume that’s the end of that. The beauty of working with metals like gold, platinum, and silver, is that they’re ductile, and in most cases we can easily size any ring to fit.

Laser Welding

New laser technology allows us to repair items that were a dead loss just 20 years ago. Frequently, we are able to restore beloved heirlooms which had been consigned to the dusty depths of scrap memorabilia in the bottom of the jewelry box.

We once had a customer with an antique plique-à-jour (an esoteric form of enamel) compact with broken hinges. This would have been impossible to repair in the past. We took it in for repair, and presented her with a restored piece she was proud to own and was able to use.

Pearl and Bead Restringing

Pearls and beads are strung on anything from silk to nylon, both of which degrade after decades of wear. Our expert stringer can re-string your beaded necklace or bracelet, readying it for years of future use.

Gemstone Restoration

Did you inherit your grandmother’s emerald, ruby, or diamond ring and want to restore the center stone to its original beauty? Let’s face it, some stones are simply too soft to gracefully weather the tests of time and may eventually need re-cutting if chipped or re-polishing if abraded. To rehab an old stone is to send it splendidly off for its next hundred years in the world.

Gemstone Resetting

Gold is a soft metal and prongs are tiny pieces. Prongs need strengthening and tightening from time to time, and if your prongs have already given out, we re-tip the prongs and reset the stone. Voilà! The ring is ready for another fifty years of wear.

Re-Rhodium Plating

Do you have a white gold ring that’s turned a faint shade of yellow? White gold needs re-rhodium plating from time to time to preserve its white luster.


Did you buy a gift to celebrate the birth of your first child and you want baby’s name and birthday engraved on it? Engraving is a wonderful way to memorialize an event or personalize a gift. We offer both machine and old fashioned hand engraving.

Unfortunately, we do not replace watch batteries.