Custom Jewelry

For clients who want a completely custom experience, we offer a full range of design services.

One of our Designs

We have dozens of designs that are unique to our store. Most are made from molds of antique or vintage mountings, and can be made for you in the metal and with the stone of your choice. The vast majority of Art Deco rings are in a white metal, and with the recent popularity of colored gold, having an old design in a modern aesthetic is entirely possible!

Our Design: The Edwardian Style "Hex Ring" in Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold
Our Edwardian style hex design (left, in platinum -- right, in 18K yellow gold)

Repurposing Old Jewelry

Sometimes you inherit, purchase, or are given a piece that suits you... and then doesn't. As we grow, our tastes have a tendency to change. Often, we can modify your jewelry to better reflect who you are now -- while paying tribute to who you were.

From a Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl to a Tsavorite Garnet
We replaced the abraded Cat's Eye in this family ring with a green garnet more to the client's taste.

Made from Found Pieces

Literally thousands of mountings are made empty, ready to be customized. We have access to myriad options from dozens of different suppliers, and are happy to discuss options with you.

"From the Ground Up"

If what you want either doesn't already exist or cannot be found, we can build your piece from scratch. Whether from a hand carved wax or designed in state-of-the-art CAD software, we love pulling jewelry out of thin air.

CAD Renderings of our design, the "Make it Pretty" ring
Renderings of one of our pieces, the "Make it Pretty" ring.

The "Make it Pretty" ring with a 2.72 European Cut center diamond.
Photographs of the finished product, in platinum with a 2.72 European Cut center.