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Georgian Style Sterling Silver and Vermeil Wide Rose Cut Diamond Ring

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Made of sterling silver and vermeil (gold over silver), this faithfully reimagined Georgian style ring is loaded with rose cut diamonds. 

The rose cut is a now primitive cut of stone that was the dominant cut of diamond from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. It predates the Old Mine cut and Old European cut. Rose cuts are chunky, flat on the bottom, and have a dramatic, faceted dome on the top.

There are approximately 1.81ct of faint brown rose cut diamonds in this ring, all of which are set in oxidized sterling silver. The gold plated split shank contrasts nicely with the deep grey of the ring's top.

METAL: Oxidized Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Sterling Silver
DIAMONDS: 1.81ct - Rose Cut (natural) faint-brown
WEIGHT: 8.78g
SIZE: 6.5


As with anything of value, especially sentimental value, taking good care of your jewelry will enhance its beauty and extend its lifespan.

We encourage you to have your jewelry checked and cleaned by us or by your trusted local jeweler every six months, to ensure that each piece is in good wearable condition with all gemstones in place. It’s not uncommon for stones to loosen over time, and it’s much easier to tighten a loose stone than to replace a lost one!